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By | April 9, 2019

BHULEKH UP 2019 | Board of Revenue Department Uttar Pradesh is the organizational body that provides the Online Certification Verification for UP Land Record, Khasra, Khatauni, Land Map, BhuNaksha Online. Bhulekh UP is a digital portal for land records launched by the Revenue Council of Government of Uttar Pradesh.  Before the introduction of Bhulekh UP, all the task related to the record of land such as the Khatauni system, Jamabandi, etc. were done manually. That means the recording was done manually on papers. Now, the UP Government has introduced an Online system for Bhulekh UP Online Verification. In this article, we are talking about the same. Read along for the details. 

Important Details of Bhulekh UP 2019

In the below table, we are providing you with the important details of the Bhulekh UP 2019. You can check these details in brief below in the table or read along for all the details given in the article below. 

Board of Revenue, Uttar Pradesh

Khasara, Khatauni Online Verification 2019

Application Fee

  • No Fee for the Checking / Verification for Khasra, Khatauni, Bhulekh, BhuNaksha, Land Record and More Details for Other Verification.
  • Only Enter Your Details to Check it.
Important Dates

  • Start Date For Verification Process: July
  • Last Date for Check Online Verification: Date Not Available
How to Verify Bhulekh

  • Scroll download this page
  • Click on Verification Link Choose Server I or Old Server II
  • Enter your Land District (Ex. Agra, Allahabad, Firozabad, Kanpur, Vanaras
  • Enter your Tehsil Name 
  • Enter your Village /Area Name
  • or Enter your Khasara number
Check your Land Record

  • Up Khasara, Khatauni, BhuNaksha, Land Map, and More Online Verification 2017-18
 If Your Land Record is Showing Wrong, Kindly Contact to Tehsil / Issue Authority.

Bhulekh UP 

Bhulekh, the word itself is self-descriptive as bifurcating it describes the literal meaning of the word. Bhu means Land and Lekh means Account Details in Records. Thus, The Land ownership, amount, size, value of the land along with other necessary details are maintained in records in the whole state. The process is carried out in almost all the states of the country. Bhulekh UP is one of the National Portals that carry out the responsibility of maintaining the records for the Uttar Pradesh Government. Bhulekh UP is an online portal of UP Revenue Board that has solved the problem of manual land records in the state.

All the activities and records of the land of citizens in the state of Uttar Pradesh are now maintained with the help of information technology. Bhulekh UP is a web portal initiated by the Revenue Board of UP for keeping the records of the land of the people. Bhulekh UP is an online platform through which you can know your unique code of plot, code of revenue village Khatauni, the status of the plot, and the status of plot sale, rights record, duplicate fragmentation, etc.  

Advantages of Bhulekh UP 

Computerization of land records in Uttar Pradesh has streamlined the day by day exercises of land records in the state. Bhulekh UP has different favorable circumstances. Underneath here we have shared each and every main points and advantage that this framework has given to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. 

  • Natives of UP can see the date of their property records, land guide and all the related data on a solitary site whenever and wherever. They don’t need to visit the concerned division regularly. The purpose is to provide all the important information at one single platform instead of managing in much laborious method, Bhulekh UP allows the people to be more organized when it comes to their Land Holdings. 
  • Individuals can see their property subtleties just by entering the Khasra No/Gate no. on this Bhulekh UP Login Portal.
  • It is a straightforward framework that helps in diminishing unlawful ownership of land, fights, snatching of the place that is known for more fragile areas, wrongdoing, claims, and so forth. Uttar Pradesh often stays in news for the increased number of crimes related to Land Extortion or Mutual Fights for the revenue generating Land Ownership. But this process actually provides a more clarified outlook for the Ownership of Land. 
  • Earlier, the Citizen of UP had to visit the Revenue division for knowing the status or data with respect to their territory. Now, they can check it just by visiting the Bhulekh UP login portal. There is no need for any regular visits to the Regional Offices. The status can be checked at your home in a few simple steps. 
  • Prior, it was feverish and tedious action on the off chance that you need to check the land records. Presently with Bhulekh UP, natives can spare their time as they don’t need to as often as possible visit the Patwari office.
  • The native can include data and update their property account through Bhulekh UP Portal. The process is quite simple and is explained below. 

How to Check Bhulekh UP Land Records? 

On the official Bhulekh UP Login Portal, you can check the Land Records and all the details related to the Land. You simply need to log in and follow some few simple steps to do so. The first procedure is to check the Khatauni Records that is to see the Ownership/ Rights Records of the Land. The citizen who owns the particular piece of the land, their details along with the land’s Record will be shared. Here’s how: 

Bhulekh UP

  • On the portal click on the link of, ” Imitation of Khatauni”. 
  • Enter the case sensitive Captcha Code on the dialogue box that appears. 

Khatauni Captcha

  • Select the District in which land is located. 
  • The portal asks you to select the Tehsil Name as well as the Name of the VIllage. 


  • Once selected, You can search by entering the Gata No./ measles or by account No. or by the name of the account holder. 
  • After entering the valid credentials, you have to click on “See Evaluation” button. 

Bhulekh UP

  • You will be able to see all the details of the Land and the Owners on the webpage. 
  • You can now the screenshot or print the page by “Ctrl P”. Although these details are accessible from anywhere anytime. 

Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2019

If you want to check other land records on Bhulekh UP such as code of revenue village Khatoauni, unique code of plot/ gate, the status of the plot, etc. records other than the imitation of Khatauni you can follow the same procedure given above. You must have your Khasra or Gata Number to check the various record of your land. Without a valid Khasra Number, you cannot check your records.

UP Bhu Naksha

The citizens can also check the online map of Uttar Pradesh for their Land Position on the Map. UP Bhu Naksha 2019 link is provided here. Click on the link to visit the Bhulekh UP online map/naksha. UP Bhu Naksha provides a detailed map of the location of the Land owned by the particular citizen. If you have registered your land properly you will be able to check the Bhu Naksha of you Land through the UP Bhu Naksha 2019. 

Uttar Pradesh Geo Map Online:

You can see a map of your own land farm online sitting at home. You can also take a printout of your land map. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has introduced an online map of the country by making map material information online. Through UP Bhu Naksha portal which is a link through the Bhulekh UP Portal 2019, the citizen can simply log in and check their piece of land on the map. Since everything is digitalized this method has provided a lot of support to the people living far from their lands and want to keep on an eye of the regular updates. 

How To View UP Bhu Naksha Online @

  1. Click on this website: Click Here
  2. Now select the district, tehsil, and village.
  3. You will now see a map of the area selected.
  4. Now you can click on your farm number to see the name of the account holder concerned.
  5. After doing this, you will see account number, now select the account holder’s name which you want to see.
  6. You can also take print out of the land map.

Bhulekh UP Contact Details

The Portal is quite self-explanatory. The whole portal can be accessed in English as well as Hindi. Still, if the visitor feels any kind of problem or any kind of issue with the results they can contact the Revenue Council directly. For any issue or help regarding you can contact:

Computer Cell, 
Revenue Council, 
Lucknow, UP
Phone No. –  0522-2217145

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