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By | May 13, 2019

Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 is currently going on. With such an auspicious event for the whole country, every Indian citizen is concerned who is going to be the new Prime Minister of India? If you are a fan of Indian politics you must be wondering if I can get in contact with the Prime Minister of India. In order to fulfil the aspiration of the people and to establish direct contact with the public, the Prime Minister’s Office has started many online and offline applications, apps, etc. In this article, we are giving information about the methods through which you can communicate with Modiji, PMO and can also reach their point of view.

Prime Minister of India: Contact PM Narendra Modi

Leaders like prime ministers are usually quite insulated from direct public contact but PM Modi has been one of the exceptions and he allows people to reach out to him and his team. Here is how you can contact PM Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no less than a celebrity figure in India and, undoubtedly, millions of people would have tried to contact him for a varied number of reasons. It could be for appreciating his government’s work, criticism of a decision, complaints and grievances or just an urge to talk to the leader of your country.

How to Contact Prime Minister of India?

You can write a letter to the Prime Minister Office (PMO), write on Twitter, Facebook or go to the website and write a mail. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most accessible leaders of his time and can be reached via phone, email, social media and his portals.

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Social Media

PM Modi is one of the most active and responsive state leaders in the world on social media. Prime Minister of India Email Id can be reached or you can simply take up the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and get in contact with the Prime Minister of India. This is how you can follow him and contact him on verified social media accounts.

PM Modi Facebook

PM Twitter

PM Youtube

Of course, it is humanly not possible for the PM to monitor or reply to each of the messages that come in through different channels. However, he has a dedicated team for that purpose and he is known to take regular updates from them and responds to a lot of messages and takes up grievances as well.

PMO India Office Address

Are you wondering as, “How to write a letter to Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India?” Then, I must tell you this job isn’t that difficult. If you wish to reach the Prime Minister Office of India, you can write your letters, grievances letter, file a simple RTI toward the PMO Office. The below-given address can be considered as the PMO Office Complaint ID too. Write your letters to,

Web Information Manager,

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi -110011

Phone Number: (+91-11-23012312)

Fax: (+91-11-23019545 , 23016857).

Or you can simply address the letter to, “Honourable Prime minister of India” and mention the address for his official residence an then it will reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi Directly.

7, Race Course Road, New Delhi

PMO Office Complaint ID

For rendering your complaint toward any issue, you can write a grievance letter to attract PM’s attention toward your concern. PMO Office has a complete application and a portal dedicated to the same. He also takes suggestions, feedback, complaints on demonetisation issues, greetings, wishes, appointment requests and message requests on this portal. You can write to him on Prime Minister of India Office Email Address too, at pgportal

The MyGov is a Platform for Citizen Engagement towards Good Governance in India. This portal gives a lot of options for interaction too. You can interact live during talks, radio broadcasts, forum discussions etc.

Phone numbers:

If you want to take the traditional route and call PM Modi’s residence or office, or fax him or lodge a complaint with him, you can do it at:

PMO: 011-23012312

PMO Fax: 011-23016857

PM Modi’s contact numbers:  011-23015603, 11-23018939, 011-23018668

PMO helpline: +91-1800-110-031

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How To know the status of the Grievance Petition?

As we said earlier that PMO has dedicated Team for processing letter which they get from citizens of India. The Prime Minister’s Office receives a large number of grievances relating to subject matters which fall under the purview of various Ministries/ Departments or the State/ UT Governments. Once the team receives grievances, then they start processing it as per guidelines for processing PMO Grievances Letters sent to PMO. This dedicated Team is also known as Public Wing of PMO which consults senior officials/authorities, including PM, depending upon the nature and contents of the communication.

Steps Taken by PMO:

  • As such, actionable petitions are forwarded to the concerned authorities for action with the request that Reply is sent to the Petitioner and a copy of the same may be uploaded on the portal.
  • Petitions that are found to be non-actionable are kept on record.
  • Petitions received by post, by hand and by FAX which are found to be actionable are forwarded to the concerned authorities (Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments) online through CPGRAMS and a forwarding letter.
  • A unique grievance registration number is generated which is mentioned in the acknowledgement letter.
  • Petitioners who provide their e-mail ID/ mobile number receive an acknowledgement by SMS/ e-mail. Petitioner also receives Acknowledgement by post.
  • Petitions received through online mode if found to be actionable are forwarded to the concerned authorities online.
  • Petitioners can check the status of the complaint by using the unique grievance registration number of his petition on PG Portal. Each detail about the action taken by the authorities or reply to the applicant is also uploaded on the provided portal.

At last, You can also contact the Prime Minister Office Grievance cell using their Telephone Number. PM Office has made Public Wing Number public so that petitioner can call them to know the status of their complaint. PMO’s Publish Wing number for Grievances is 011-23386447 works during office hours from 10 AM to 5 PM.

 You can contact Prime Minister through NaMo app or PMO app:-

To ease the approach of the common man to PMO, Apps have been developed suited for Windows, iOs, and Android systems. By downloading these two Apps you can get news and updates about the works of Modi Government. You can also read blogs of Shri Narendra Modi through these Apps.

NaMo App

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